Pete & Yen

Pete & Yen

Hey guys, today’s shoot was a very special one to me, after getting the best sleep with my foam wedge for bed I felt more than excited for this shoot. It was a surprise gift from Peter to Yen because she always wanted some photos of them together. Sounds like a small thing, but the special thing about these guys is that they live on opposite sides of the country. Because of this, they really do appreciate every minute they have together.

The other reason why this shoot was particularly special is because Peter is an old high school friend that I’ve known for years. I was honoured when he asked me to shoot this for him.

To Pete and Yen: I sincerely hope you enjoyed the shoot and the photos. See you guys again soon!


PeteYen_001 PeteYen_002 PeteYen_003 PeteYen_004 PeteYen_005 PeteYen_006 PeteYen_007 PeteYen_008

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