Kate & Neil – Sitella Winery Wedding

Kate & Neil – Sitella Winery Wedding

What can I say, Kate and Neil were made for each other and their special day couldn’t have gone any better. Amazing weather, an awesome bridal party and guests that knew how to party. Pretty sure these guys have modelled in wedding magazines before because they really know how to work the camera 🙂

I wish these guys all the best because I had a blast shooting their wedding!


KateNeil_001 KateNeil_002 KateNeil_003 KateNeil_004 KateNeil_005 KateNeil_006 KateNeil_007 KateNeil_008 KateNeil_009 KateNeil_010 KateNeil_011 KateNeil_012 KateNeil_013 KateNeil_014 KateNeil_015 KateNeil_016 KateNeil_017 KateNeil_018 KateNeil_019 KateNeil_020 KateNeil_021 KateNeil_022 KateNeil_023 KateNeil_024 KateNeil_025 KateNeil_026 KateNeil_027 KateNeil_028 KateNeil_029 KateNeil_030 KateNeil_031 KateNeil_032 KateNeil_033 KateNeil_034 KateNeil_035 KateNeil_036 KateNeil_037 KateNeil_038 KateNeil_039 KateNeil_040 KateNeil_041


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