Japan on Film

Japan on Film

Since all of the photos posted so far have been digital, I thought I’d post something different and show you guys some of the things I captured on film. The majority of these were shot with a small Contax T2 point-and-shoot, and the square photos were shot with a Hasselblad 500CM. There’s just something different about how film renders colours and grain that I really love. I’m amazed at how a little point and shoot film camera produced in 90’s, and a completely mechanical camera produced in the 70’s and 80’s can still produce such nice images. Hopefully I’ll be able to incorporate film into more of my regular work. For now though, I only burn through film on personal projects with friends and family which makes it that more special to me when I get a chance to use it.

JapanFIlm_001 JapanFIlm_002 JapanFIlm_003 JapanFIlm_004 JapanFIlm_005 JapanFIlm_006 JapanFIlm_007 JapanFIlm_008 JapanFIlm_009 JapanFIlm_010 JapanFIlm_011 JapanFIlm_012 JapanFIlm_013 JapanFIlm_014 JapanFIlm_015 JapanFIlm_016 JapanFIlm_017 JapanFIlm_018 JapanFIlm_019 JapanFIlm_020 JapanFIlm_021 JapanFIlm_022JapanFIlm_023


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