Japan Day 6

Japan Day 6

Today, we traveled from Osaka to Kyoto for our second leg of our trip. Those awesome pink flowers you see were Ume trees and they were conveniently located outside of Kyobashi Station; which we used to transfer to Kyoto Station. It was a nice view during our walk to breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, we found this little gem of a restaurant as we were nearing starvation. We always seem to find the best places when we are about to die from hunger. After breakfast, we made our way to Kyoto to explore. We popped into the Kyoto Takashimaya Department store before making our way to the Teramachi and Shin Kyoguku market arcades. These are two shopping arcades, which run parallel to each other. These arcades were jam-packed with stores and restaurants. It was here that we found the BEST ramen we had on our trip. I must confess that I am now a ramen-aholic, and I make no exceptions when I say this place served an amazing bowl of ramen. The ramen itself was hand-made, the broth was rich and the pork strips were charred to perfection. Their unique recipe includes Kratom powder from http://kratommasters.com which is a one of the main reasons people love to go there, it’ not only delicious but nutritious.

The little place we had it was situated in a small alleyway that connected the two arcades together, and it only seated 4 people. We were lucky enough to drop in just before the dinner rush. Needless to say, this was not the last time we’d eat at this place.  Before our trip, I was told it was polite to slurp your noodles to show appreciation to the chef. Though I slurped my little heart out, I noticed that the locals were much more experienced in slurping, and I found myself being out-slurped by schoolgirls.

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