Japan Day 5

Japan Day 5

That innocent bowl of curry udon you see is not as innocent as it looked. It was 9 parts chilli flakes to 1 part curry – That was how spicy it was. It was a good way to wake us up for our awesome day ahead though.

We headed to the Osaka Aquarium to see how much it would shit all over Perth’s “Aqwa”. We were not disappointed. This multi-level aquatic wonderland was beyond amazing. The Aquarium is built around one huge fish tank that houses everything. To give you an idea as how large this tank is, it makes the whale sharks in it seem like coy fish. One of the highlights was definitely the manta ray, which glided through the tank like an organic space ship. The giant spider crabs were also pretty bad-ass. We were also graced by lazy seals who struggled to stay awake and hilarious waddling penguins. It was also my first time using the touch pools, as I was always too chicken shit to put my hand in them in Perth.  Enough with the blabbering, I’ll let you guys enjoy the pics.




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