Japan Day 4

Japan Day 4

We’re up to day 4 and we’re still going strong. After a healthy Japanese breakfast of Udon and fried chicken, we decided to go sight seeing at Osaka Castle. The castle itself was a sight to behold and it was situated up on quite a steep hill. It was surrounded by greenery that looked like huge bonsai trees. When we made it inside, we were expecting something more historic, much like the temples and shrines we have gone into previously. This was not the case, as the whole castle itself was renovated into a museum inside from top to bottom.  As we entered, we couldn’t help but notice all of the school kids in matching uniforms. They were cute to say the least. The path that the museum suggested was to take the elevator up to the top, then to travel down stairs level by level. We did not heed their advice, and decided to walk up the steps to the top. Big mistake. By the time we got up stairs, not only were we tired, we realized we had to go back down said stairs again to exit the museum. That said, the view from the top of the castle was amazing. We made it back down the castle, level by level, looking at all the history it held.

After the castle, stopped by an amazing Katsu restaurant that served, you guessed it, Katsu! Definitely the best Katsu I have ever had. The picture of our meal cannot even begin to describe how good it was. After we ate, we headed to a baseball game (which Mel had tried to keep a secret, but spilled the beans before we left :P). It was the Hanshin Tigers vs the Giants, and boy do the Japanese love their baseball! One of the most memorable things about the game was about half way through, everybody suddenly pulled out balloons (those long ones you make balloon animals with) and started the blow them up. Next thing you know, there’s a massive countdown, and once they reached zero, everyone let their balloons go! An amazing thing to see, however I only caught the footage on video, so there are no pictures of it 🙁

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  1. Sean,

    Loving this blog it’s amazing. I like how one day you can reflect on this and share this with your friends and colleagues.

    Your photography is Aaa-Mazing! You are great at what you do. Keep it coming my friend.

    I especially love the pic of Mel holding your hand. Just like that article from last month of the world travelers couple.

    Keep it coming.


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