Japan Day 2

Japan Day 2

Today, we travelled to Kyoto for our first day of cherry blossom viewing. Our first stop was Ginkakuji Temple where we saw an immaculately kept garden, which seemed to never end. It was an amazing place to see as no matter which direction you looked, you were faced with jaw dropping scenery.

Our next destination was the Philosopher’s Path, which is a stone path that is lined with cherry blossoms. Upon our first visit, we travelled half (we thought we had done the entire thing, but more on this later) of the path and saw the famous cherry blossoms they are known for. Being near these beautiful trees is breath taking, and is something that I will never forget. As a photographer, the scenery to me was mind-blowing.

That night, we again ventured to Dotonbori for dinner. We decided on an Okonomiyaki place, which had a small line. Even though we were skeptical about waiting for a meal (there were so many other restaurants around), us, we decided to give it a try anyway. I must say we were rewarded by our patience because the Okonomiyaki served at this place was phenomenal. We were sat down at the front of the restaurants right near the Okonomiyaki chefs so we could enjoy the show. Needless to say, we ate our fill and we were pretty close to falling into a food-induced coma.


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