Japan Day 1

Japan Day 1

Day 1 of our epic 3 week Japan trip began on the Shinkansen (bullet train) as we made our way from Tokyo to Osaka. The Shinkansen was a spacious welcome after being cooped up on a plain for over 10 hours. It was also the first time we used our Japan Rail Pass, which we soon realised was an awesome investment for our trip. The train ride was smooth, quiet, and comfortable and it let me see a glimpse of the awesome scenery that was to come. Our first meal was a cold bento box (a mistake I’d never make again), and a katsu-chicken sandwich.

Our hotel (Hotel Brighton) was an amazing modern business hotel that was only a short walk from the train station which was awesome because we were sleep-deprived zombies at this point. The hotel welcomed us with a surprisingly spacious room, an awesome view, and some pyjamas.

On our first night, we made our way to Dotonbori so I could try their famous Takoyaki and I was not disappointed. Our first dinner was purchased from their amazingly convenient food ticket machines. With these machines, you insert cash, press the button with the meal you want, and out comes a ticket. You give this ticket to the waitress, and within 5 minutes, your meal is in front of you. That’s what I call service. Our first dinner was ramen. It was the first of many, many, many (and did I mention many?) ramen bowls to come.

That night, as we made it back to our hotel, we stopped by the local 7-Eleven and raided their snacks. Yes, this was as fun as it looked.


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