Elle – Grunge

Elle – Grunge

I’ve been wanting to do a grunge-esque fashion shoot for a while now and after a couple weeks of storyboarding and looking for inspiration, I organised a shoot with Elle on a car park roof top. Just before the shoot started, we noticed a suspicious white car parked near us and we were worried that it was a security guard doing his rounds, who was going to tell us that we couldn’t shoot at this location. Ducking behind a wall, we watched him for a couple minutes, hoping he wouldn’t walk over in our direction. We watched on as he started to pull out one of the fire hoses to wash his car. Half an hour passed, and as soon as he finished washing his car, he got back into it and drove back down into the car park.

Something tells me he wasn’t a security guard…


ElleGrunge-1 ElleGrunge-2 ElleGrunge-3 ElleGrunge-4 ElleGrunge-5 ElleGrunge-6 ElleGrunge-7ElleGrunge-9 ElleGrunge-10ElleGrunge-12 ElleGrunge-13 ElleGrunge-14ElleGrunge-16 ElleGrunge-17ElleGrunge-20 ElleGrunge-21 ElleGrunge-22

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