Japan Day 3

Japan Day 3

Today we ventured to Nara Deer Park to feed the deer and to see the Todai Ji which houses a giant Buddha.

Nara is just an hour away from Kyoto and is a really peaceful place. As soon as we got off the train, we ventured into town to see what it had to offer before rushing to see the deer. The town itself has a peaceful vibe, and the streets are lined with temples and shrines. We happened to walk past a pair of giant wooden doors and couldn’t help but go in to have a look. We were greeted with an awesome drooping Cherry Blossom tree that was full of pink and white. It took me no time to fill up half of my camera’s memory card haha.

After frolicking in flower petals, we decided to continue our trek to see the deer. Along the way, we tried the local mochi cakes, which were filled with red bean.

After about 10 minutes of walking and me asking Mel “Are we there yet?” we got to the entrance of a shrine. It was here we made our first encounter with some of Nara’s famous deer. I can hear you asking what are they like? Well, for the first 10 minutes, I was running around patting every single one I could find. After a while, the deer caught on that I didn’t actually have any food on me to warrant these free patting sessions and decided I was not worth hanging around. After reading up on how these deer behave, I looked around to find the closest deer biscuit stall. It was here I handed over 150 yen ($1.50 AUD) and grabbed a stack of biscuits. Now I was suddenly a celebrity among said deer. No matter where I turned, I was surrounded by deer, and boy, they were a greedy mob. Mel decided she wanted to feed some as well, and before you knew it, her first pack of biscuits was demolished. With biscuit scent still on her, the all the deer decided to see if she had anymore and chased her around the park. Unfortunately, there was a victim caught in the all the commotion; her furry vest. One of the deer thought she may have had some more biscuits in her pocket and decided to investigate, resulting in her vest being pulled by the deer and covered in deer spit. Mel was not amused.

After all the hoopla, we continued to the deer park itself, and made it to the entrance, and boy, what an entrance! It was an massive gravel path that was lined by amazing greenery, a couple photos later, we made it to the Todai-Ji temple where we saw the awesome giant Buddha. After some more deer feeding, we walked into the temple and we saw all the amazing history the temple had to offer. I’ll leave you here and let the photos speak for themselves!


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