Went for a walk around Frognerseteren today which is about a 20 minute train ride from central Oslo. This place becomes a ski track in the winter. The scenery here was breath-taking.

Amy – Test Shoot

For people wanting to learn great outside pictures is necessary to know different things about lighting or how to manage the subject, so here are some advice on how to perfect it. The first thing to learn is that your camera—no matter how expensive it was!—is not as good as the human eye. We have the ability to look around us and simultaneously see the detail in dark areas as well as bright areas. This is called “dynamic range,” and our eyes have a lot more of it than any camera. To compensate for this, your camera does something called …

Kate & Neil – Sitella Winery Wedding

What can I say, Kate and Neil were made for each other and their special day couldn’t have gone any better. Amazing weather, an awesome bridal party and guests that knew how to party. Pretty sure these guys have modelled in wedding magazines before because they really know how to work the camera 🙂 I wish these guys all the best because I had a blast shooting their wedding!    

Elle – Grunge

I’ve been wanting to do a grunge-esque fashion shoot for a while now and after a couple weeks of storyboarding and looking for inspiration, I organised a shoot with Elle on a car park roof top. Just before the shoot started, we noticed a suspicious white car parked near us and we were worried that it was a security guard doing his rounds, who was going to tell us that we couldn’t shoot at this location. Ducking behind a wall, we watched him for a couple minutes, hoping he wouldn’t walk over in our direction. We watched on as he …

Pete & Yen

Hey guys, today’s shoot was a very special one to me, after getting the best sleep with my foam wedge for bed I felt more than excited for this shoot. It was a surprise gift from Peter to Yen because she always wanted some photos of them together. Sounds like a small thing, but the special thing about these guys is that they live on opposite sides of the country. Because of this, they really do appreciate every minute they have together. The other reason why this shoot was particularly special is because Peter is an old high school friend …

Japan on Film

Since all of the photos posted so far have been digital, I thought I’d post something different and show you guys some of the things I captured on film. The majority of these were shot with a small Contax T2 point-and-shoot, and the square photos were shot with a Hasselblad 500CM. There’s just something different about how film renders colours and grain that I really love. I’m amazed at how a little point and shoot film camera produced in 90’s, and a completely mechanical camera produced in the 70’s and 80’s can still produce such nice images. Hopefully I’ll be …

Angeline – Vintage Bag Shoot

Just a couple shots of Angeline for her Perth Fashion Festival Photo-A-Day challenge. We ventured to the old railway at Whiteman Park to really emphasise the vintage feel she wanted for the shoot. Just by chance, the train had stopped for the day and the friendly train driver was more than happy for us to shoot some photos within one of the carriages! Big ups to Angeline for putting together such a cool concept for the shoot. Check out her blog for her other looks!

Angeline – Jacket Shoot

Some shots of the second outfit Angeline put together for her Perth Fashion Festival Photo-A-Day challenge. For this look, we walked across to an overpass that was just a couple meters from the railway we were shooting at previously to catch the last rays of sunlight. It also happened to be green and yellow which was quite fitting for this particular look. Check out Angeline’s blog for her other looks!  

Japan Day 11

Sadly, today we spent our last couple hours at our ryokan. After enjoying a traditional Japanese breakfast, we went back to our room, packed our belongings and sat around to soak up our last moments in this amazing place. After we said our goodbyes to the lovely staff who were more than awesome, we took a ferry to Miyajima, which is a small island less than an hour from Hiroshima. We wondered the streets bumping into some more deer. Unfortunately these deer were considered feral and we were advised not to feed these ones. After getting some snacks and browsing …

Japan Day 10

Today we went to the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine to see its thousands of tori gates. The imagery was something you’d see out of a Japan travel brochure. After we were all torii’d out, we went back to Gion to stay at the Ryokan we booked for one night. A ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn. We wanted to experience Japan to its fullest and I must say, this really let us do that. The ryokan we chose was called the Yuzuya Hotel. Walking through the font doors alone was a sensory overload. It seemed like we were instantly transported …