Amy – Test Shoot

Amy – Test Shoot

For people wanting to learn great outside pictures is necessary to know different things about lighting or how to manage the subject, so here are some advice on how to perfect it.

The first thing to learn is that your camera—no matter how expensive it was!—is not as good as the human eye. We have the ability to look around us and simultaneously see the detail in dark areas as well as bright areas. This is called “dynamic range,” and our eyes have a lot more of it than any camera.

To compensate for this, your camera does something called “metering,” which means the camera picks a part of the image and tries to expose it correctly (not too dark and not too bright), and trusts that the rest of the picture will adjust accordingly. Sometimes this will work and sometimes it will not. But understanding your camera’s limitations and how it operates is the first step toward better pictures, is important to know the subject or model you’re working on as well, for different kind of pictures as portraits or nude pictures that you can see in sites as this website for example.

How does this translate into everyday use? To begin with, many of us ask too much of our cameras without realizing it. If you put your baby on a white blanket out in the sun to take an adorable picture, the camera might see the bright sun and that white blanket and say to itself,”Wow, this picture is WAY too bright—let me darken everything.” And then when you look at the picture later you realize that the blanket is properly exposed but your daughter’s face is too dark.


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